who we are

(abovehuman) is an anonymous Artist Collective based out of Washington DC that has a broad focus on content & medium that ranges from traditional painting & photography to mixed media & design work.

Collectively we have 40 years of producing art, designing, and hands on installations.

We keep sketchbooks, write poetry, take pictures, paint, design/ create/ refurbish furniture, design company logos, and glue random stuff together.

A lot of our content either directly implies socio-political commentary (gender issues, political dissident opinions) or brings severe mental health issues to the table (suicidal ideation, schizophrenia, and self-mutilation). In order to preserve the integrity of the collective, and to keep those of us who have day jobs from having to worry about a sensitive piece having an effect on the artist’s livelihood, we have chosen to remain anonymous. This is not a gimmick. This is self-preservation and is very important to us. We are still able to provide Certificates of Authenticy on all Prints, Framed Prints, and Original pieces. All work will be attributed to the (abovehuman) collective and will have the contact information of the one member (including real full name) who has elected to be the face of the collective.

We are a very tight-knit group and have anywhere between 5-10 contributing members at a time. If you are interested in being involved please contact us on one of the forums we are active. I (artaxdrowning) will get back to you and we will talk about it.

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